About US…

We produce «HOT WASH PET-FLAKES» from used PET for reusing; because PET flakes have a high commercial value and is considered a good export commodity. The quality, as defined by overall cleanness, colour and degree of contamination, will determine the end use and the price of recycled flakes. PET flakes can be used for certain technical purposes and for manufacturing of a wide range of products.


RAHSAMCo.  is a group engaged in purchasing and recycling of plastics.

Two halls with implemented modern technologies for PET recycling are built on the 20.000m2 lot beside the road what provides easy access to trucks for transportation, unloading of raw materials and final PET recycling products loading.

The capacity of our warehouse in Oman is 3.000 tones of PET and the production line can monthly produce 500 tones of PET recycling products: hot-washed PET flakes (diameter 8-12mm and 3mm), milled PET preforms, milled caps and labels and polypropylene (PP).